Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shuriken Studios created this promo video for the University of Canterbury earlier this year - "Hours" by Mmdelai was used!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Rad new news! Liiiiife

New things since February!

A new project has started - a sweet gravelly electronic act "Pinn'd" with the fabulous Nancy Wilson and her wonderful ways.

Check out the tunes:

4 track EP to come soon.... very soon x

Soundtrack for time lapse documentary "Shangri-La" has been released on i-tunes.... lots of delayed glockenspiel and piano and REVERB raaarh.

Link here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shangri-la-soundtrack/id638201676

Go on, you know you want to.

"Moon" by Mmdelai was featured on a beautiful mix by DJ Lotion for the Lela Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2013 collection show. Great video for this collection and I highly recommend checking out the Lela Jacobs garments, she does amazing work.


Oh also! Mmdelai got signed up with Australian publisher GAGA... which is rather awesome! Hopefully some work come out of this, that would be awesome! 


Things soon: Miniatures releasing an EP (this sounds amazing ... Che is ridiculously talented), also gigs coming up... we get to play with Flyying Colours at the Espy this Thursday!

Mmdelai and Pinn'd playing at the Grace Darling on June 8th with Limb and some other cool bands. Other gigs in the pipeline as well... details soon. JAJAJA the day is good.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Things to come soon

We will be lifting the veil on a time lapse documentary by Stefan Lush, he toured around the South Island of New Zealand for a few months in 2012 and captured some truly inspiring images. It was an absolute pleasure doing the soundtrack, he will be releasing this documentary in a few months.

Mmdelai track "Hours" was chosen for use in a University of Canterbury promotional video for their fine arts department. Looking forward to seeing it!

I'm going to be getting stuck into some more web game soundtracks and sound designs this year, working again with super cool under-dog gaming company Cerebralfix. They're freaking awesome guys, can't wait!

Finally playing a Miniatures gig in a few weeks, that will be awesome shoe-gaze-goodness fun. We're at the Gasometer in Melbourne on the 24th with the epic Foxtrot from NZ and some fellow ex-pats Bad Blocks, who are about to hit the big time.


I have just released a new single for free download: Thought it was about time I released something I've written recently, the EP I just released through the lovely Bleeding Gold Records was all written quite a while ago.

I can't say enough how beautiful the image is I was lucky enough to use for the art. It's by Cameron May, a photographer now based in Melbourne. His work is amazing, definitely worth checking out some more of his stuff: http://cameronmay.tumblr.com This is EP II:

Did I mention how amazing the marbled silver special edition ones look? Thanks a million to Roger, Kit and Bleeding Gold Records for making it happen :)

Kit's amaze-ness design skills are available for hire and perusal at: www.french-folio.com